This service is to assist people in the North East Valley area who are isolated and cannot leave home, or are not mobile, and need groceries from shops in the Gardens shopping centre.

$5 Delivery fee (pickup and delivery only).

$8 Selection and purchase of goods, and delivery

This is limited to 1 or 2 bags of supplies, delivered by ebike and trailer to addresses along North Road, including streets running off either side of North Road, with some exclusions (e.g. Buccleugh St, Baldwin St, due to the gradient – there may be other exclusions not listed).

If you are unsure if your address can be delivered to please use the form to get in touch.

If your isolation requires non-contact, payment of the delivery fee can be made direct to a bank account the day before, otherwise mobile EFTPOS is available.

Payment for delivered supplies to be arranged case-by-case – cleared prepayment prior to delivery will be required. Any over or under payments for the final price of supplies to be refunded to the customer, or paid to the deliverer, the same day.

Please use the form to get in touch with me and explain your situation – let’s see how we can help!

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