Ladybird Consulting is Jess Corbett.

I lived in Wellington, New Zealand for 19 years, and relocated to Dunedin in October 2017.

Most of my client work is done remotely, and often outside office hours – so it’s important for me, in order to do effective work for you, that I can access your systems either in the cloud or with remote access software. I also prefer access to documents in a digital format.

I also like to catch up over coffee.

Data entry is tedious work that can be automated – I am a partner with Receipt Bank, who will take your invoices and receipts in digital format, and transform them into ready to import invoices and receipts for your accounting software (e.g. Xero).

If you need help transitioning from paper based systems to electronic, I can help guide you through this.

I have several regular, long term clients for whom I do bookkeeping, payroll, general administration, newsletters, conferences, and many other business as usual tasks. Most are non-profit, or very small business – sole traders.

Jess Corbett
021 10 595 10


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